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Your Group / Church’s Footprint And iOutreach, Inc.

iOutreach, Inc. has developed a system to expand the potential footprint of the church to the level of city-wide outreach.


It’s as simple and tangible as a business card. Each iOutreach Inc card is imprinted with your group or church’s unique code and employs a unique tracking-response tool. It becomes your seed sowing system of evangelism: The seeker enters their information, freely, and you are given the contact information.

By using a simple coded card with a message that directs the recipient to an Internet site where they voluntarily see and hear a compelling message, the Word is effectively available to anyone, anywhere. Feedback is instant. The seeker/ convert is connected to your church and you take it from there to grow their faith.

The Church (or individual Champion) whose code is on the card is notified automatically with the information they provided. It’s a powerful 21st Century Evangelistic tool for today. iOutreach Inc unleashes the possibility of laity participating in seeing lives changed and multiplies the Pastor’s vision in reaching people far from God.


Using this system, Skye has personally given or placed approximately 750 cards in a variety of locations over the past 30 months – wherever he happened to be. During this period those 750 cards (seeds) have produced five conversions according to the individuals themselves through feedback disclosing they “prayed to receive Christ”.

Using this method, “I have also discovered three levels of connection”, Skye explains. It is conceivable a believer can begin sowing the gospel with zero risk (totally non-threatening) and graduate to a point of sharing Christ at a Level 3 risk.

For example, Level One – Place the card on a park bench or a gas station credit card slot for example. It’s a private drop; no one sees, no one knows. Someone picks up the card, sees the presentation, and finds Christ. That has and does happen.

Level Two – A more public drop where there is higher traffic volume, such as a mall, laundromat or bus station and there is a risk of being noticed – especially if placing multiple cards. Coffee shops and restaurants are great places too.

Level Three – Person to person communication where the believer shares the card with someone they know at work or school or even with a stranger. We seldom really know the battle that may be going on inside another person!


As you can see, using this system creates multiple ‘entry ramps’ for believers at different comfort levels to do what Jesus tells us all to do – and have fun doing it! You can do this church wide or use an outreach group like Women’s ministry, Men’s ministry, Biker Ministry, Ushers, Greeters or even individuals in your church who feel specially called to reach the lost.
One card Champion said, “Having the cards in my pocket is a reminder of what I should be doing,” So believers are being challenged and energized to reach out to those who do not know the Lord. Groups can also use this system to encourage each other in spiritual growth and greater confidence.

Pastor, you know the joy of seeing people go from darkness to light and you want this for your congregation. The feeling that arises when a person first leads someone to Christ is simply beyond words! Research shows 85% of evangelical Christians know they should be sharing Christ, but few are doing it. With iOutreach Inc. and our seed sowing system and tracking-response tool that dynamic can change!


Phone or email us with your contact info and any questions you may have. You can email [email protected], or call 515-314-8262.

As our thanks for your Kingdom investment in your church and city, iOutreach Inc. is offering for a limited time with your request, a sample set of cards for you to try out. No charge. We look forward to assisting in any way helpful to you!

Yours for the Kingdom,

Skye Alison – President, iOutreach, Inc.

Email: [email protected]

Call (or text): 515-314-8262.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Response Management System work with our church assimilation system?
Answer: YES! The dashboard in your individual account BELONGS TO YOU and acts as an independent source of information. The data from card respondents may be accessed through the dashboard by those authorized by the church.

Is it possible to use your system, but customize the video message(s) or card design(s) to our church?
Answer: Yes. This is called ‘white labeling’ and we have the capability to come alongside the church with a different video, customized card and/ or response form, whatever ways are needed to accomplish this. The whole purpose is to expand the potential footprint of your church to the level of city-wide outreach.

What are some of the ways iOutreach Inc. can be used in our church?
Answer: iOutreach Inc. can positively augment any and all venues where relationships are being built! iOutreach Inc. can be used in so many ways and wherever follow up is desirable! Cards can be placed in registration packets and in various community outreaches the church is involved in – from food pantries to community-wide easter egg hunts – various small groups, women’s groups, divorce care; men, women and teens can use them in seed sowing efforts and friendship evangelism, in conjunction with a Great Commission message series or in leading up to special event invitations with congregation deployment, encouraging everyone to sow a seed this week or month and/ or seasonal calendar emphases, not to mention evangelism training.
For even more possibilities, use our ‘white label’ to customize your message, even adding a free coupon for coffee at QuickTrip as an example! Call or email asking for the ‘Great Commission Outreach’ info package. iOutreach, Inc. is here for you.

How will the church know if someone responds to the card presentation?
Answer: The church will have someone designated as Point person or administrator who will receive an email notification automatically anytime someone responds to the survey at the end of the presentation(s). That info is then assigned to any of your card Champions involved in Great Commission seed sowing.

How does training and prayer fit into the system?
Answer: Prayer, training and seed sowing evangelism as a three legged stool. All 3 legs are necessary for the stool to work really well as it is supposed to. Tremendous resources are already available in the areas of prayer and training so we leave those up to the individual leaders themselves. iOutreach Inc is prepared to assist if requested.

What are some ways people share the cards with those they meet?
Answer: It happens in a variety of creative ways. We cover a few under the Resource tab in ‘Fun Ways to Share Cards’ We also send weekly emails where we share conversation segues and other tips believers have successfully used. To join our growing ranks, register FREE without obligation here:

What are the benefits of iOutreach, Inc. to the church?
Answer: There are at least five benefits:
1) It provides the opportunity for all (even the most timid) to participate in seed sowing.
2) The start of Kingdom thinking.
3) Providing multiple ‘on-ramps’, our system encourages obedience, fun and creativity in place of fear and guilt.
4) It gives the church the ability to measure the amount of seeds being sown, and the ability to quantify the results.
5) It may reveal and underscore the need for prayer, help identify those with certain spiritual giftings, and it easily augments and strengthens outreach efforts the church already has in place.

If you are still unsure about whether to take a chance on using this method, ask yourself these questions:

  • What systems are you currently using to impact your city?
  • What percentage of your people are involved in outreach – direct or indirect?
  • What kind of return are you presently getting?
  • Could this seed sowing system be used to augment current methods for a multiplication impact in your outreach venues & opportunities?

If you feel you would like to experience greater results, consider coupling this with a prayer emphasis and trying this for six weeks with a small group of interested people. Call or email today! iOutreach Inc. is here for you! We will come alongside you in whatever way is most helpful to you.

What a few others are saying:

“An amazing tool. The videos present the gospel in clear, compelling ways” – Pastor Steve Irwin, Cedar Rapids

“THE evangelistic ‘tract’ for our culture” – Jim Klopfenstein, Director of Ratio Christi – University of Iowa

“This is spiritual dynamite” – Doug R, over the road truckdriver

“Life changing” – Desiree S, convert and seed sower

“This is a work of pure love and passion” – Mac McKoy, radio host, Des Moines IA

“A non-threatening way to capitalize on opportunities to reach people” – Pastor Charles H, Des Moines, IA

“In your search for resources to equip your people for evangelism as a witness for Christ, I encourage you to seriously consider iOutreach created by my friend Skye Alison. This resource offers non-intimidating natural sharing, a strong video message and automatic email follow-up to let you know when a person accepts Jesus and wants immediate follow-up. Just do it!” — Dr. John Vaughan, Church Growth Today and author of The World’s 20 Largest Churches and Churched and Unchurched America – By the Numbers.