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Faith is like a seed. To FLOURISH, it must be cultivated. These resources are a small and basic collection of HELPS to encourage your spiritual growth. iOutreach Inc believes in the importance and value of believers meeting together for connection in worship, study, prayer and accountability..

What Does the Bible Say About…

Got Questions?  Get Answers!

It is amazing how many of life’s questions God answers for us in the Bible. God so desires to lead us to the best in life and communicate His love that He patiently goes to great lengths to help us understand these unchanging truths. See for yourself. Although many of the questions here may sound somewhat philosophical, God’s answers are profoundly practical for our forever peace of mind.

Classical Teachings

There are those spiritual masters whose writings are to the Body of Christ timeless treasures. The truth and value of the inspiring thoughts and words here have spanned across generations of believers! Enjoy!

Why Am I Here?

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First Steps

When someone has a personal encounter with Christ and is saved, s/he soon wants to be identified with Him as a Christ-follower and with the people of God. Many want to know ‘what’s next?’ The first steps for the new believer are as vital for spiritual life as…

Share Your Story

The Bible says “He chose to give you birth that you might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created!” You are special and your story is unique! Use this tool to discover your unique testimony and be better able to share and help others.

HOPE for Revival

Quotes for your personal reflection and encouragement such as “The meaning of earthly existence lies not, as we have grown used to thinking, in prospering but in the development of the soul.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

A Believer’s Oath

“I am a child of God. He created me in His own image so I am of inestimable value. He purchased me with His own blood, so I am not my own; Furthermore He loves me and is working out His plan for my life. I love Him too and praise him; For He designed…”

A God who endorses genocide?

– a God who endorses genocide? Know there’s some really heavy stuff here and I commend you for thinking deeply about who God is and what He is like. Is it possible that the God we say is love would allow – and even participate in such criminal offenses?

Who is Jesus?

An assortment of quotes from historians, skeptics and world leaders on the person and character of Jesus Christ. Amazing assessments worthy of consideration…

What is the Gospel?

It’s perhaps the most important question – the essence of what is necessary for a person to be saved. Fortunately, there is in Scripture a prototype given to us of the core content…

Fun Ways to Share Cards

It’s the power of ONE to change their world ONE heart at a time. Now, there are hundreds of unique and FUN ways to sow the seed the gospel, experience the joy of seeing results and doing follow up. Here are just a few sowing ideas: “Insert the mystery card in the credit card slot at the gas pump.”


in growing a solid faith you will find additional credible parachurch organizations to hook up to. Here are some additional parachurch organizations supporting the Body of Christ in areas of education, legislation, prayer, activism, apologetics and more…