Share your Faith Easily!
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How It Works

Have you wondered
“Is there an easier way to share Jesus?”

Here’s an easy-to-use tool to obey Christ, sow seed, nurture and harvest fruit! Experience the joy of sharing using a simple card with a tracking tool. Every child of God wants to help make an impact for the Gospel. Now you can!

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Sponsor and share cards

Create and activate your own custom code. We email you the template; you print as many cards as you like. Card recipients view the video and receive added info for their feedback. Click here for a SAMPLE survey and info piece.

Whether you are outgoing or introverted, individual or group, cards are non-threatening and can be used in fun ways to introduce people to the Gospel! Card art comes print-ready with the template.



Resources & Disciple’s Toolbox

As a card sponsor, you have Premium level access to iOutreach Inc’s FULL library of tools helping you communicate and answer inquiries regarding your faith.

Remember who brought you to faith and how it happened? Someone cared and prayed. Today, someone is waiting for you to be THAT person to them. It may be a stranger, a neighbor, a fellow student, employee or even someone you just met.
Join the joyful adventure! Begin sowing seed today! Make a difference!


Engage with seekers

You are notified! When the viewer submits the survey with your code, you get notification from iOutreach, Inc that your code has been used!

Here is an opening to Interact with the Viewer, and YOUR opportunity to “listen beyond the question to the questioner” providing opportune follow up and encouragement one on one.