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Terms and Conditions

iOutreach Inc is responsible only for the content of the videos produced and not for how or where the medium used is placed or any supposed reactions of those receiving the messages contained therein. Further, anyone seeking more info through iOutreach Inc understands that their submission requesting a free offering includes the possibility they may be contacted by a card user (called sponsors) who is not authorized to speak on behalf of iOutreach Inc, and iOutreach Inc does not grant such authority to any of its card users.

Card sponsors/ users understand they are consumers of a system by which they can be involved in seed-sowing efforts, sharing transformative information regarding the life and person of Jesus Christ and are not authorized as agents of iOutreach Inc or to speak on behalf of iOutreach Inc.

iOutreach Inc has no employees and originated purely as a work of faith and love by those who wished to advance the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. iOutreach Inc accepts full responsibility for materials produced on its mother site – – and their subdomains. In line with our purpose, we offer our materials to those seeking to advance the Gospel and do not accept responsibility for anything outside of our purpose thus stated:

We design the tools and nurture the passion among believers for Lifestyle evangelism”; and as acknowledged in the 5.15.2010 IRS designation of iOutreach Inc as a public charity 501c3 organization.